In  2008, Barack Obama was the first  White House candidate to successfully use social media before it became as pervasive as it is today political world. He wanted to contact reach minority groups and young voters ( without voices).  Obama’s actions proved to be highly effective in the 2008 and 2012 elections.
In this new political world, the millennial group is the element key of elections. This segment is shifting more of its attention to online social networks.
In our last presidential elections, the candidates incorporated social media into their campaigns to stand out to millennials.
Donald Trump (Republican)  had  11.6 million Twitter followers, and 10.7 million Facebook likes, compared to Clinton’s (democrat )  8.88 followers and 6 million likes.
Our society has changed. Eighty-two percent of Americans have a social media account, according to Globe Social Network. Political analysts say that the game has changed, and “television ad” is not a priori in these days.
The social media gap between Hillary and Trump is only made more astonishing after the contemplation of each campaign’s ad spending.
August 16, 2016 –  Money Spending in Television Ads
Hillary Clinton (Democratic): $61 million
Jill Stein (Green): $189,000
Gary Johnson (Libertarian): $15,000
Donald Trump (Republican): $0
September 20, 2016
Hillary Clinton (Democratic): $96.4 million
Donald Trump (Republican):  $17.3
$ 241.5M Obama
$ 156.8M Romney
$ 211.4M Clinton
$ 74.0M  Trump*
 *21 weeks until election
Money spent in some states:
NEBRASKA – 1 electoral vote
Clinton $ 167,845
Trump  $ 0
Arizona – 11 electoral votes
Clinton $ 127,298
Trump  $ 0
Texas – 38 electoral votes
Clinton $ 186
Trump $ 0

Using the impact of social media has and will continue to upgrade each candidates’ chances of conquering the referendum.

If you want run next election you have to follow three steps:
1  –  Twitter : Donald Trump’s road to the White House  is a great example .
2 –   Facebook : Yes.  You need to have your campaign page on Facebook.
3 –   YouTube : For your free videos.
freitasnyc4 Candidates: dont spend on tvs adsFreddy de Freitas holds a BA – Communication from Brazilia University, a Specialization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) University of California, Davis.  He is studying Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies by Northwestern University/Coursera
Twitter: @freitasnyc