Business Communication

The internal public is the best carrier of corporate messages. This philosophy also applies to political campaigns. Great programs for employees create general well-being, keep the house in order and even help increase the productivity of the company.

In political campaigns, most candidates forget about their staff and volunteers.

The message of this project is direct: The greatest asset of an organization is its excellent image, and the best way to obtain it is to apply entirely business communication as a marketing tool. With simple recipes and bright ingredients, this project allows the boss and his managers to use communication techniques efficiently and effectively, both in global and day-to-day strategies. Business Communication, when used with a strategic and tactical arsenal, is one of the powerful marketing tools available to all managers. Despite the digital revolution, however, internal communication is often used in large corporations in a primal, partial or amateurish way, and is seen as an expense rather than an investment.

The first step in an organization is to open channels of communication between managers and employees. Newspapers, murals, and videos are still fashionable. The Internal Social Network is a tool that has proven to be efficient and effective, but the best form of communication within the company is face-to-face.

The obvious must continuously be repeated never to be forgotten.


Freddy de Freitas holds a BA – Communication from Brazilia University, a Specialization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) University of California, Davis.  He is studying Content, Advertising & Social IMC by Northwestern University/Coursera
Twitter: @freitasnyc