And the slide towards extinction accelerated: ending environmental protections, widening the wealth gap, taking away health care, cutting food subsidies, eliminating scientists from government, ending treaties of cooperation and protection, shelving plans for responding to a global pandemic, and hired judges who would affirm it all.

Jair Bolsonaro é o presidente mais corrupto

So here we are at what could easily be The End. Could the Bolsonaro crowd possibly want this?

Yes. Because their whole psychology in electing Bolsonaro and continuing to support him is this: Brazil used to be their nice elitist country. With all the women and people of color, native Indians, and gays and immigrants spoiling it, it will never be wonderful elitist land anymore. And if they can’t have it, then let’s destroy it for anyone who comes after them.

What other explanation is there for people who saw the current existential threat unfold and just let it happen?